About This Blog

If you’ve accidentally stumbled upon my incessant, incoherent thoughts-turned-posts, and you’re curious as to who the unfocused, blurred person behind them is, then you’re in the right place! 

The basics are as follows: I’m sixteen and female, I live in England and I’m blind. As for the latter, however, I don’t like to write too much about that here – unless something pertinent worms its way into the front of my mind, of course. Generally, though, I’m just a person, with a pretty dull life and a propensity to write and ramble alike, without really being able to discern the two from one another.

Just like so many bloggers on this website, I love reading; in fact, books are paramount to pretty much anything that isn’t, you know, an actual life-or-death situation. I think so, at least. Anyway, my point is that – if you ever want a chat about a book, a poem or even an abstract piece of prose you’ve found somewhere in the mercurial depths of the internet – you should never hesitate to contact me. I’m always up for a nerdy-literature conversation of any description! 

So, now you know who I am, I’d like to know more about you. Why don’t you email me, or introduce yourself in the comments? 

Until next time,